This area of the Paint Box Textiles website is dedicated to meeting the needs of smaller enterprises; our experienced and skilled staff ensure that every process is carefully carried out to the highest standards – no matter how large or small your requirements.

Our services are carefully tailored to meet a vast range of customer requirements. You can choose from our extensive yarn range, supply your own, or we can source a yarn to meet your needs.

We can replicate a colour of your choice using our spectrophotometer, match prediction software and laboratory facilities - we are renowned for our excellent colour reproduction. Alternatively, you may like to select a dye from our palette of standard shades.

Below are some examples of yarns we have previously produced, if you would like to enquire about what else we have on offer then please click here.


Our 1/7.5Nm Acrylic/Nylon Boucle is supplied dyed to customers’ own shades either solid or with a contrasting binder.


We hold stock of 1/2Nm 100% Acrylic Tape yarn, available for dyeing to the shade of your choice.

You can order in weights ranging from 1Kg to 100Kg.

NOTE - This yarn is suitable for knitting by hand, on hand flats or power machines with sensative knock-off facilities. It is important as the yarn strength is high and the unavoidable yarn knots (approx 1/Kg) are large and if not processed manually, can cause damage.


Our Chenille yarns are produced in the EU by a member of C.I.M.A. which operates an accredited UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2000 Edition Quality System. We offer Acrylic Chenille in a variety of counts (1/4.5Nm, 1/6Nm, 1/8Nm and 1/14Nm) dyed to customers’ own shades

100% Wool

We stock both 2/8Nm and 2/15Nm 100% Pure New Wool (Crossbred) for dyeing to customers own shades or any of the Caress standard shades.

Caress Extrafine

Caress is the new luxury Extrafine Merino yarn from Paint Box Textiles. This yarn is available spun to 2/15Nm from Superwash treated 18.5 micron pure new merino wool. We offer 12 standard shades or it can be dyed to customers’ own shades.


TRICOT is a range of 84 Stock Backed Shades in 3/14cc (3/24Nm) Combed Cotton. The yarn is Ring Spun from Combed Cotton to give a smooth round yarn. Reactive dyes are used to ensure excellent colour fastness