We offer a range of different yarns with different compositions intended for schoolwear usage and have especially developed each one for its performance and comfort. Each yarn we supply has special benefits, helping to ensure that children look smart and are kept safe and warm, whatever the weather.

We are proud of our collaboration with high profile school knitwear brands such as TLC Courtelle and Teflon. We use such materials to produce yarns meticulously developed to meet the highest performance and colour consistency requirements.

With our huge range of standard shades as well as the facility for customers to request a personalised colour, you are bound to find something to suit your needs.

Please see below for examples of yarns we have previously worked with, if you would like to enquire about what else is on offer then please click here.


We stock 80/20% Wool/Nylon in 2/17Nm, 2/27Nm & 2/30Nm for dyeing to our customers’ own shades. All three counts are produced from Hercosett treated new wool to give washable knitwear or socks.


Uniform is the High Bulk ring spun yarn developed by Paint Box Textiles to produce knitwear with low pill properties.

Available in standard shades or dyed to customers’ own shades.

Standard Shades: Ink, Black, Grey, Royal, Bottle, Maroon and Red.

Dye Weights: 6, 27, 30, 35, 48, 60, 100, 140 & 240Kg


Superblend is the High Bulk blend of 50% Machine Washable Wool and 50% Acrylic. Ring spun on the worsted system to 2/28Nm to give a bulky yarn with the handle of wool.

Available dyed to customers’ own shades

Heritage Definition

Heritage Definition has been engineered to give a low pill yarn with a softer handle.

Heritage Definition is ring spun from High Bulk long staple fibres to 2/27Nm. It is available in 8 Stock shades or dyed to our customers’ own shades.

LC Courtelle®

Courtelle® was the acrylic fibre developed by the British company 'Courtaulds'. The technology resulted in an acrylic fibre that was ideal for hand knitting and soft knitwear and was regarded as the acrylic fibre giving the whitest of all acrylics. LC Courtelle (Latent Crimp) was a remarkable development giving two distinct acrylic variants running the length of each fibre.

The only remaining Courtelle® manufacturing plant was in Grimsby UK but this has now been bought by the Chinese owned company 'Blue Star Fibres Limited'. The new owners have converted the plant for the exclusive production of carbon fibre and carbon fibre precursor for technical end uses. Courtelle as we knew it is no longer produced.