2/9Nm 100% British Wool

This  yarn is Worsted Spun to 2/9Nm and available in 114 standard shades including 10 that are ‘Naturally Dyed’

The 10 Natural Shades are achieved by blending wool from ‘Black’ Sheep with wool from ‘White’ sheep to give these shades so these yarns are dyed by the sheep themselves!

The Dyed Shades are dyed to achieve excellent wash, rub, perspiration and light fastness.

This yarn is ideal for heavy gauge knitwear (5gge/3.5gge/3gge) and is available in weights/shade of 1Kg upwards for ‘Standard’ shades or 10Kg upwards for customers’ own shades.

Garments produced from this yarn qualify for the British Wool Marketing Board‘s 100% British Wool swing tag.