End of an Era

We are just processing the very last batch of wool berets for our longstanding customer. For many, many years our customer has supplied these top quality berets to armies, police forces and bands around the world. Sadly it has been decided that the production space can be used better. Now the skills involved will be...

International Women’s Day 2022

One of our customers asked for a photo for International Women’s Day to show we employed women! We employ twice as many women as men and they have key roles in the company. So here is the photo with some our female colleagues.

Building New Site

Time to update our web presence – our old site served us well – it still looked good after 20 years! Paint Box Textiles have developed and as we could no longer update our old site, it is time for change. So in with the new and many thanks to Cool Hand Studios for setting...

Hello world!

Welcome to the Paint Box Textiles website built with WordPress. As well as information about our company, we are also gradually building articles and photos about our processes, textiles in general, our history and local history.  You will have to be patient but it is coming. We hope you enjoy exploring our site

Importance of Engineering

Fireworks is not the most suitable application for defining such things as animations, CSS transforms and transitions, or non-Web-font families (or CSS styles in general, although Fireworks does export CSS code, if needed). These are a critical part of the experience but might be better defined with a prototype or the like. (Some specifications of...