Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing is the technique for dyeing garments such as socks, gloves, knitwear, hats, sweats, hoodies, T’s and finished cut and sew garments.

Paint Box Textiles operate both side paddles and rotary dye vessels. and can dye batches from 1Kg. (2lbs.) up to 80Kg. (175lbs.) of most fibres.

Side paddles are oval dye vessels with a central island and a rotating paddle to gently move the liquor and dye goods around. These vessels are ideal for dyeing delicate goods, wool garments and for shrink resist treating wool items.

Our rotary vessels are ideal for dyeing or bleaching cotton goods.

After dyeing we have both hydro extractors (spin dryers) and tumble dryers to complete the dyeing process. For socks we also have turning [inside out] and boarding capacity.

By using our spectrophotometer, match prediction software and laboratory facilities we are able to achieve excellent colour matching on most dyeable fibres and our many years of experience ensures we achieve required.

Our Organic Certification covers garment dyeing so garments supplied to us with GOTS Certification can be organically dyed and returned with a GOTS Organic Certificate and maintain full traceability.

We are here to help if you need any advice on the ideal route for your garments and it helps when we understand your requirements and so that we meet them.

Other Dyeing Method we offer: