Hank Dyeing

Hank/skein dyeing is the ideal method for maintaining bulk in yarns, so is particularly suitable for colouring hand knitting yarns.

Paint Box Textiles operate both full immersion and spray type vessels with batch capacities up to 80Kg. (175lbs)

The choice of hank of method depends on many factors such as: batch weight, fibre, hank size, dyestuff. Our aim is always to produce consistent colour with the lowest use of water and heat.

You can supply the yarn you would like dyeing on hank or cone. If supplied on hank please check dimensions and ties are suitable for our processing. When supplied on cone we will reel the yarn onto hank.  After dyeing we will despatch your yarn on hank, cone, ball, or twisted skein, just let us know your requirements.

By using our spectrophotometer, match prediction software and laboratory facilities we are able to achieve excellent colour matching and our many years of experience ensures we achieve required.

We are here to help if you need any advice on the ideal route for your yarn and it helps when we understand your requirements and so that we meet them.

Special Effects

We also have a limited capacity for special effects such as space dyeing, please enquire for more details.

Other Dyeing Method we offer: