We provide these service with or without dyeing

  • Twisting / Doubling / Plying up to 8 ply
  • Reeling / Hanking 54″ to 80″ – 50g to 500g
  • Hank to Cone Winding with or without waxing
  • Noddling / Hank Twisting with or without labeling and packing
  • Sock Turning
  • Sock Boarding / Sock Trimming
  • Yarn Balling with or without banding and packing
  • Spool Winding
  • Carding to produce wool batts or loose wool for stuffing

If you have yarn that needs twisting (plying or folding), we have installed twisting capacity and can p;y up to 6 ends

If you ended up on this page because you are wanting your hanks twisted, or noddled, we also offer this service.

Please let us know your requirements using our contact page.

We reel yarns ready for hank dyeing and also for retail sales.

When required for retail we can also noddle (twist up) the hanks, add labeling and pack in bags.


We wind onto PSDP packages for dyeing, package to cone winding after dyeing and hank to cone winding.

We operate measured length winders and can apply wax for machine knitting.

We have a card for converting loose fibre into batts for spinners, felters or for crafters needing wool stuffing.