Package Dyeing

Package dyeing is the technique for dyeing yarn wound onto a package. The package needs to have a centre that allows liquor flow through the yarn from the centre and can withstand the heat and chemicals involved in the process.

Paint Box Textiles normally use PSDP (parallel sided dye pack), these interlock to give a column to fit over the perforated stainless steel rods on the yarn carrier. After capping off the top of the column, liquor pumped into the column centre can only pass through the yarn.

This dyeing method minimises the package preparation and post dyeing processing times and therefore costs. We operate dye vessels with batch capacities from 1Kg. (2lbs) up to 350Kg. (775lbs). Package dyeing is ideal for weaving and tapestry end uses or for yarns that are fine, have high or have unbalanced twist.

You can supply the yarn you would like dyeing on PSDP or cone. When supplied on cone we will wind the yarn onto PSDP for dyeing.  After dyeing we will despatch your yarn still on PSDP or rewound onto cone, just let us know your requirements.

By using our spectrophotometer, match prediction software and laboratory facilities we are able to achieve excellent colour matching on most dyeable fibres and our many years of experience ensures we achieve required.

We are here to help if you need any advice on the ideal route for your yarn and it helps when we understand your requirements and so that we meet them.

Other Dyeing Method we offer: